Church Video Archive

Praise on the Prom 2017

Edited highlights of the Praise on the Prom service on 2nd July

[First showing on FTV 3rd July 2017]
Good Friday 2017 (Report)

The Felixstowe Good Friday Service 2017. This is the report. There is a link to the long version on the video.

[First showing on WMTV Website 15th April 2017]
Big Bad Wolf

MRBCs 2017 Panto in aid of Love Russia.

[First showing on MRBC Website 13th March 2017]
Walton Parish Nursing Celebration 2016 Highlights

The 4 minute version with a link to the 45 minute video.

[First showing on MRBC Felixstowe 21 October 2016]
Praise on the Prom 2016

Three videos covering the event. Great worship.

[First showing on Felixstowe News 19th July 2016]
The EBA Assembly: what was it about?

The Assembly was at Felixstowe Academy from 10th-12th June 2016. Here are some highlights of mostly 11th June.

[First showing on MRBC Website 30th June 2016]
Let Justice Flow 1 (EBA, Dotha Blackwood)

The first of Dotha Blackwood's talks on Let Justice Flow at the EBA Assembly 11th June 2016.

[First showing on MRBC Website 30th June 2016]
Let Justice Flow 2 (EBA, Dotha Blackwood)

The second of Dotha Blackwood's talks on Let Justice Flow at the EBA Assembly 12th June 2016.

[First showing on MRBC Website 30th June 2016]
Welly Walk, February 16, 2016

Summary video of a bright and sunny February afternoon.

[First showing on MRBC Website 16th February 2016]
Paving a new path

A video telling the story of the change to the church's frontage in 2014.

[First showing on MRBC Website 28th July 2015]
Walton Churches Awayday 2015

Highlights of a great day.

[First showing on MRBC Website 18th July 2015]
The Awful Case of Anthony Allington

They were a church trying to keep their heads down in an age of prejudice. He came along and challenged them in the wrong sort of way.

[First showing on WMTV 26th April 2015]
Felixstowe Good Friday Service (Short Version)
Shorter highlights of the Triangle Service of 3rd April. 

 For a longer version, look on Faith in Felixstowe
[First showing on FTV 7th April 2015]
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday as told by Matthew.
[First showing on FTV 25th March 2015]
Snow White and the Four Dwarfs
Our first Pantomime in aid of Love Russia children's charity.
[First showing on MRBC Website 28 February 2015]
St Who?
St Valentine was rather an enigmatic character. Mark explores the story of Val and Geoff.
[First showing on FTV 13 February 2015]
Baptism of Jordan Warner
Jordan Warner is baptised on profession of his faith. January 4th 2015.
[First showing on MRBC Website 4 January 2015]
Christmas Peace?
Christmas 1914. The guns fell silent as a truce began on the Western Front. But was it real peace?.
[First showing on FTV 23rd December 2014]
Women's Fellowship 80th Anniversary Rally
Service highlights.
[First showing on MRBC website 20th October 2014]
Awayday 2014
Highlights of a great day.
[First showing in the MRBC In Touch Magazine 28 June 2014]
MRBC Church of the Year Project Introduction
Go to the Church of the Year page
[First showing at the EBA Assembly 7 June 2014]
Top Secret Autumn Awayday
Held at SRMC on 1/11/13.  Highlights.
[First showing on MRBC website November 2013]
Top Secret Women's Fellowship 79th Anniversary Rally
Held at MRBC on 17/10/13.  Highlights.
[First showing on MRBC website October 2013]
Top Secret Women's  Area Rally
Held at MRBC on 26/9/13.  Highlights.
[First showing on MRBC website September 2013]
Top Secret Baptism of Mike Butler
Highlights of 18th August
[First showing on MRBC website 19 August 2013]
A Beach Awayday
Highlights of 13th August.
[First showing on MRBC Website 15 August 2013]
A Coronation Awayday
Highlights of 25th May.
[First showing on MRBC Website 26 May 2013]
Open Air Orwell Connection Choir
Highlights of a performance by the OCC in aid of Walton Parish Nursing 11th December 2012
[First shown on FTV December 2012]
Open Air WPN Client and Volunteer Stories
This was shown at the Launch Service on 14th October 2012
Open Air WPN Launch Service
Highlights of the service at Seaton Road on 14th October 2012

Awayday Awayday  2012
Highlights of the 16th August
Open Air Open Air Service July 2012
Edited highlights of 22nd July. 
Jon Stannard Jon Stannard
Morning Service 11 March 2012.  Jon is National Director of Viz-a-Viz Ministries.
Rachel Hickson Rachel Hickson: Familiarity
Morning Service 12th February 2012.
Rachel Hickson Rachel Hickson: Prayer
Saturday 11th February 2012.  Sorry for the poor quality in places.

Awake, Arise Rachel Hickson & Helen Azer: Awake, Arise
Saturday 11th February 2012.  Leaders' Session.  Audio only.  Sorry for the poor sound quality in places.