Small Groups

Small Group Locations and Times
Felixstowe  (Margaret Lines & Ingrid Fenn)         Monday evening  (7-30pm)                             
Walton  (Brian & Dot Salway)                                  Thursday morning (9-30am)
Trimley  (Andrew Marfleet)                                      Starts soon
Old Felixstowe (Steve Lineham)                            Fortnightly 

Here at MRBC we don’t only just meet as a large congregation, but we also have small groups meeting in homes to learn from God's word together, pray for one another, be discipled and care for one another. If you are not already part of a small group we would encourage you to join a group and would love to hear from you. 
Most groups have about 8-10 members and meet most weeks for about 2 hours.   An important part of the small group is refreshments, catching up on the weeks news and the art of good fellowship. Some evenings or on a special occasion it may simply be a meal in someone's house, a barbecue in the garden or meal at the local pub or even invite neighbours and friends.
What is a small group and why are they so important?
Jesus had his own small group - the 12 disciples. He cared for them and treated them as family. In a society where there are so many broken homes and where people do not feel a sense of community - small groups offer an excellent place for people to get together to eat, drink, share, encourage, learn, and have fun. 
A small group, cell group or home group, it doesn't matter what you call it, is the most fundamental unit within the church community. It provides a secure, intimate place where you can explore your gifts and walk of faith.  In these small groups people are free to voice their personal needs and find the help and support that they need.  Another key element of belonging to a group is to simply spend time with each other, having fun and especially eating together - this all builds relationships and a sense of belonging.  It can also be an opportunity to invite friends who are interested in the Christian faith to come and explore more in an informal setting.
For further details contact Mark Reid.